Assisted living housing is a senior care option that in addition to an apartment or room, also provides personal care support services, such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing and transportation.

Assisted living is usually licensed by the State in which the community/facility resides. Assisted living is ideal for the older or more “dependent” senior who wants to enjoy their senior years but needs some help with their activities of daily living.

Seniors and families should understand that because most assisted livings are licensed and must follow the laws of the state, the communities are mandated to follow rules and regulations that sometimes puzzle or frustrate seniors and their families. However, these laws and protections are in place to help and protect seniors from physical, mental, financial and emotional harm.

Because of the laws that are in place to protect seniors, assisted living can and often requires several steps before a senior can move into assisted living. Some of these steps include a physician’s statement of their current health, medications and physical and mental status.

There are several physical and mental conditions including dementia, that make assisted living NOT appropriate for some seniors. In many states, once dementia has been diagnosed by a doctor, memory care is the only option for that particular senior to pursue.



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